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Resident Benefits

Medical/dental health services

  • Residents will have access to a medical/dental health plan as a part of their contract.

Promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Residents will be given a membership to a local fitness center.

Mental health services

  • Residents will have immediate access to counselling services.

Mentor Program

  • Residents will be matched with a mentoring physician from their first year forward. The physician will act as a role-model to help guide the resident through their 3 years of residency.

Workload compression

  • Residents will have direct access to the program director to address any complaints problems, or concerns, especially regarding their workload and patient care. These can also be directly related to the chief resident who will immediately inform for appropriate help.

Sleeping call rooms

  • Residents will be provided rest and sleeping spaces within the hospital walls that are safe, quiet, and private during work hours if needed.