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Resident Benefits

Medical/dental health services

  • Residents will have access to a medical/dental health plan as a part of their contract.

Promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Residents will be given a membership to a local fitness center.

Mental health services

  • Residents will have immediate access to counselling services.

Mentor Program

  • Residents will be matched with a mentoring physician from their first year forward. The physician will act as a role-model to help guide the resident through their 3 years of residency.

Workload compression

  • Residents will have direct access to the program director to address any complaints problems, or concerns, especially regarding their workload and patient care.

Sleeping call rooms

  • Residents will be provided rest and sleeping spaces within the hospital that are safe, quiet, and private during work hours if needed.

  • Meal Stipend (monthly)
  • 3 lab coats
  • Scrubs
  • CMD funds (for conferences, poster presentation, books, memberships, etc.)
  • MKSAP18 complete
  • AMA GMEC - NEJM on-line