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Robotic Surgery

The precision of technology meets the science of medicine.

da vinci optics

Introducing the da Vinci® Xi – a Landmark of Surgical Excellence

Right now, patients at Landmark Medical Center are discovering a new era in minimally invasive surgery, thanks to the most advanced robot in the state. The da Vinci Xi is a marvel of scientific excellence that translates to an incredible range of benefits – for the patient, the surgeon and the hospital. And Landmark was first in the state to acquire one.

Surgeons can now perform even the most complex operations with delicacy, accuracy and unparalleled control.

At the heart of the da Vinci Xi is a 3D high-definition vision system that magnifies 10 times, supported by tiny wristed instruments that have a greater range of motion than even the most skilled non-robot. The da Vinci translates the surgeon’s hand movements into smaller movements in real time – movements so precise, they can write a word on a grain of rice. The surgeon is always in total control, with enhanced access due to the streamlined design of the robotic arms.

These types of surgeries are perfectly suited for the da Vinci Xi:

  • Gynecological
  • Kidneys
  • Appendix
  • Urology
  • Colorectal
  • Bladder

various images of the da vinci

Our Top-Notch Surgeons and the State’s Most Advanced Surgical Robot.

What it means to surgeons

  • Surgeons operate more comfortably from a console, with total control of miniaturized instruments on robotic arms.
  • The view is through a highly advanced high-definition camera that allows the surgeon to see in 3D, with unparalleled focus and clarity.
  • The surgeon’s hand, wrist and finger movements are carried out by the precision instruments on the robot’s arm, with the identical range of motion.
  • At the patient’s side, the surgical team is able to oversee every precise movement, and offer total support.

What it means to patients

  • Smaller incisions mean less chance of infection and minimal scarring
  • Faster recovery means shorter hospital stays
  • Reduced pain and discomfort means fewer pain medication prescriptions
  • Less blood loss means fewer transfusions

Meeting Surgical Challenges Head On

  • During conventional surgical procedures, the surgeon must take his eyes away from the instruments and refer to a video monitor. In this moment, the precision required could be compromised.
  • After hours of concentrated “traditional” surgery, even the best surgeons can experience muscle fatigue, shakiness and cramping. The da Vinci greatly impacts this challenge.
  • When a surgery such as a prostatectomy is performed the traditional way, the incision is 8-10 inches long. When it’s done with the da Vinci Xi, only five or six small incisions – about the width of a dime – are required.

da vinci with surgeon

“What could be more precise than performing minimally invasive surgery with the help of a robot? It gives me enhanced imaging, 3D magnification and a greater range of movement, with so much more control. If I were a patient, I wouldn’t have my surgery done any other way.”
– Dr. Joseph Cambio, Chief of Surgery

Landmark Medical Center’s renewal is showing up in so many ways. We are now powered by Prime Healthcare, one of the country’s top 15 health systems.* Their commitment of more than $62M has empowered us to invest in the very newest technology – and the incredible, best-in-class technology like the da Vinci Xi.

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